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      Add:No.179 Mudan Nan Road, Baiyang
                Industrial Zone.Wuyi Country,
                 Zhejiang Province,China.321300
      Tel:+86 579 8753 5532
      Fax:+86 579 8795 6010
      Cell phone:+86 137 3570 2309
                  +86 139 6792 6935
      E-mail: cso@cnxideer.com
      Web: www.zzchucai.com



      Respect for customers, understanding customers, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services, so customers are always partners. This is what we have to uphold and promote the concept of service.
      One, the customer is always right
      First, the customer is the purchase of goods, not a troublemaker;
      Second, most customers understand their needs, hobbies, this is precisely the companies need to collect information;
      Third, since customers have "consistency", arguing that the same customer with all customer quarrel.
      Second, customer satisfaction three elements:
      Product Satisfaction: refers to customer satisfaction with quality of the goods.
      Service satisfaction: refers to the customers of the purchased goods sale, sale, service a positive attitude.
      Corporate image satisfaction: refers to the public on the enterprise's comprehensive strength and the overall impression of the positive evaluation.

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